Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free Song and CD Release Show...

Hey there! Check out the free download in the music player on the right side of the screen. The song is an auto-biography song entitled, Save Me.

Also, if you are in the Portland, Oregon area on October 4th. Please join Casey for a CD release concert at the Christian Supply store located at: 10209 SE Division Street from 1-3pm!!!

About... Save Me

Save me is my cry for help. There were about two to three years of my life were I was in a dark and very lonely place I felt like I was all alone and there was no one to comfort me. The best way to describe the way I was feeling is, have you ever been so dizzy that you had no idea which way was up? Or have you ever had the wind knocked out of you where it was very difficult to breath?

Life became less and less important to me to where everything became a big bluer. My heart was so broken from many different things in my life I just didn’t even want to exist, In my mind life could not get any worse. Put all of those together and you might be able to feel the same pain I had once felt. But the scary thing is I grew up in the church and have been a born again Christian from the age of five I rededicated my life in the eighth grade.

I knew everything I needed to know and I still felt like this. I never stopped loving the Lord and I wouldn’t say I ever walked away from him. So the question is why would a loving God allow me to feel this pain to where I hated life? To where I became very depressed and lonely? I could not wrap my head around that for the life of me. I finely decided I was not going to live like this any longer, I finely asked the Lord to take everything from me to break me down and start over. It was at that point is when I read James 1 and I realized that God allowed me to go through this difficult time in my life to give me strength in him. I can honestly say that because of this I feel like I can conquer anything.

I have found pure joy in life and I am so blessed because of this. I now know that the darkest times in life, when you don’t feel like anything is going the way you would like them to, or when it just seems like you cant ever be happy, is when God is working the most. We need to learn to surrender our lives and let God work in us. I would dare to promise you that if you are feeling similar to the way I was feeling, if you let go and let the Lord work in your life, you will find pure joy just as I have found, and your dark clouds in your hearts will turn white. Don’t be confused with having joy and being happy, feeling happy is a feeling it will come and go but joy will stick in your heart. Read James 1 it could Save you life.


About... Casey Marvin

Hi my name is Casey Marvin and I live in Portland Oregon. I grew up in southern California in a city called Chino. I started playing music when I was 10 and I am now 23 years of age. The very first band I was in was a band my friend Greg and I started in 1997 called F.O.G. (Followers of God). Shortly after we started the band we changed the name to God Stricken. We had a good run for a few years but then sadly broke up.

In the year 2002 I joined a band called Kraving Kansas. After my first show we changed the name to “The Acidic Front”. The front man of the acidic front, Nick, is now the new guitarist in the band Kutless. After playing in The Acidic Front I was determined to make it in the music industry. I kept playing and pushing myself to make it big. Over the years I have played with many musicians and have tried to put together several bands.
Needless to say, none of them worked out.

There were a couple of years in my life where I didn’t want to listen to the Lord and what He was trying to tell me. Those years were very difficult. I lived in my car for 3 weeks, showered in Wal-Mart bathrooms, had no money, struggled with depression and anxiety, and I became an insomniac. The list goes on. If you listen to the record you’ll be able to see or even feel some of the things I was feeling or had gone through during that time.

As soon as I wised up and gave my music to the Lord and said, “do whatever you need to do with me and my music God, it’s yours,” that’s when it seemed that doors started to fly open for me. I was given the chance to play guitar for the band Falling Up, which I did for a little while. Then God allowed me to make an amazing record. Now my dream of becoming a big rock star has changed a bit. All I would like to do is build a career while serving the Lord and blessing people with my music.